Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As I posted earlier, we had a small Christmas this year, however I did score a few awesome presents. Steve knows me well and got me the Starbucks Gold Card. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my bank account) there is only one (real) Starbucks in this small town so my options when running errands are limited. This Seattle girl is used to twenty Starbucks in a five mile radius! It is, however, by the health sciences center and across the street from my parking lot. yay!

Another awesome present from my dad was the old standby: cold hard cash. This went towards a lovely little item off of my wish list. Yes...I am the proud new owner of a Diana Camera. If anyone has valuable tips or tricks (especially for getting the film developed) I will happily listen. Any and all advice is wanted. Thanks in advance. My first roll of film was used up in D.C. and I have yet to figure out where to develop it. As soon as I get the much anticipated photos back they will be prompty posted.
Did you receive any cool gifts this year? (I hope so!)

I gave this years Christmas a B+ simply because my dad was a million miles away in Seattle, while we were stuck on the east coast. Now I am trying to decide if we should trek out in the snow tonight to go into Pittsburgh for New Years Eve.

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