Tuesday, December 9, 2008

its finally Christmas.

As I mentioned earlier, the Christmas decorations are finally up, and I was (and still am) disappointed because I was unable to find some of our decorations. Either they are still packed in a box in the garage (meaning Steve will have to fish them out this weekend when he is back in town) or they were lost during our cross-country move.

(My apologies for the terrible photos. Our only digital camera is still with Steve in San Diego and these were taken from my iPhone. I'll post some better pictures after I have our real camera and I find some more decorations.)

(can you find maize?)

I imagine Maize will be spending the rest of December under our tree.

I am now off to (for real this time) work on my finals at a cafe. Hopefully I will be able focus and umm...ignore blogs for the remainder of the day.

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