Tuesday, December 16, 2008

me = nerd.

I. love. NIH. Also, I had no idea how big the campus is...even more reason to love it.

D.C. (or rather, Bethesda) was fun, and we had some excellent food. Although I had my camera with me the entire time, I forgot to take pictures!! I guess I'm just not used to carrying a camera. We did eat at Sila Thai Cuisine in Chantilly, VA and for a yellowpages.com find, it was delicious (I had the pad thai). Later that evening when we met up with the entire group, we went out to Tako Grill in Bethesda just down the road from our hotel. At Tako Grill, I just had some spicy tuna rolls and the Sake Navel (a delicious sake and orange juice(?) drink...I can't remember what else was in the drink) as we had only eaten Thai food just a few hours earlier.

Today consisted of a short trip to Starbucks, continental breakfast and a tour of the NIH Clinical Center. We had full intentions of going to the National Museum of Health and Medicine but thanks to my trusty iPhone, decided to head back early as it was snowing the majority of the way home. The drive back was crap...and with my luck I was the one driving. Somehow we successfully made it home, and a few others of our group who left later ended up at hotels along the freeway (good luck driving back tomorrow guys!!).

I am now cozy on my couch in sweats and drinking hot chocolate...I never thought I'd be so thankful to return to this small college town.

To sum up: I soooo want to work at NIH in the future.

P.S. The countdown has started for vegas...GO CATS!!

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美女 said...

I think I would have been really surprised if I checked this tomorrow morning and didn't see a post involving the NIH. Good job on the road today, too. Thanks for not killing anyone (aka me) for being bad with directions.