Saturday, November 22, 2008


Tomorrow I am off to Seattle for a week of relaxing at home and eating wonderful food. Steve and I have based our entire itinerary around restaurants...and turkey day!!

So what's on our itinerary?
  1. Vivace. best. espresso. ever.
  2. Ride the Ducks...I have yet to do this and am so excited we are finally going this time!!
  3. Plenty of Asian food: Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian...
  4. Turkey Day!! This year Steve, my dad and I will be joining our neighbors for dinner. so excited.
  5. Pike Place Market.
  6. Dick's Drive-In. greasy goodness.
  7. The original Nordstrom...oh how I miss real shopping (small towns suck).
  8. Westlake's 20th annual tree lighting ceremony. Fun in the...rain.
  9. ...and much more. we are bad decision-makers and haven't decided what else we'll fit in.
Find picture here.

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WeezerMonkey said...

I love Seattle! Can't wait to see your pictures!